Let Wood Statements build you a base that’s out of the ordinary. Our custom steel bases provide the right look to accent your table, whether you want rustic, polished, casual, or elegant. Custom heights and custom powder coating are available. We also work with several base companies to provide factory-made bases that ship quickly and look great.

Custom Steel Table Bases

Did you know that you can have a steel base custom made for your table? Sometimes it’s hard to find the exact base that you need, whether it be custom heights, a custom design, or a special powder coating color. Today, tables serve so many purposes: desks, dinner tables, occasional tables, and you will need just the right base for your unique needs. You do not have to settle for a cookie-cutter base. There are reliable companies that produce thousands of these every year. Here is how you can find a trusted company that provides custom steel table bases in your area.

What Are Steel Table Bases?

Steel bases are everywhere. You most likely have seen them in restaurants, and even your own home. Steel bases are sometimes forged by hand and sometimes they come from a mold. Restaurants with outside tables use steel bases because they last in bad weather. There are many that are plain column bases powder-coated black or a sleek shiny steel base that is rectangular and likely to be a dining table base. They come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of their size, shape, or the type of material that is used, you can always find businesses that have several of these available.

What Are The Most Common Steel Bases?

The most common ones tend to be for tables that can be both large and small. However, there are bases that people will purchase for barstools, outdoor chairs, and even nightstands. There are those designed specifically for bar tabletops, restaurants, outdoor tables, and even the popular reversible tables that so many people use today. Do you have a patio? It is likely that you are placing all of your food and drinks on a table constructed with a steel base. If you don't want to buy one, there are easy ways that you can construct them as well.

How Do You Build A Steel Base?

The construction of a steel base begins with manufacturing three separate types of pieces. There is going to be the top which will be circular, rectangular, or square in most cases. It will be made of some type of metal that is malleable such as wrought iron which is easy to work with or a hot rolled plate. The next component will be the legs of the table. These are typically either three or four in total. They will be cut at the same time to maintain a specific length. Finally, the pieces are welded together, or attached with nuts and bolts as long as you have drilled the holes. Then there are many finishes to choose from: powder coating, putting a clear finish coat, oxidizing, or polished steel. They all vary in pricing and looks.

Why Would You Want To Have One Of These Steel Table Bases?

The reason that many people would want to have one Ms. that they enjoy doing do-it-yourself projects. They may have a table in mind that is designed for indoor or outdoor use. They know exactly how tall it should be, it's width, shape, and what it will be used for. It is common for people to build very small circular tables, those that can be situated next to chairs or lawn chairs outside. They may also want to construct a picnic table, or simply a large table on the patio, and would prefer having a base that is metal and stylish.

What If You Would Prefer Purchasing One?

For those that would prefer purchasing one, they may have other ideas in mind. Of course, there are companies that produce lawn furniture where they will have many different types of tables available. It could also be for an indoor room, one that is based upon a wrought iron design, and a coffee table in this style would be perfect for their home decor. Other people might be interested in simply having a workstation. You can purchase individual pieces where you can place pieces of lumber that you can cut to size. Other examples would be hairpin end table legs, hairpin twist dining room table legs, or accent table bases that you can use for your dining room, living room, or even the bedroom area. Finally, you can always find websites that will showcase the latest designs that have been manufactured to obtain entire tables or components, that you can use for any purpose or project.

If you want to purchase a steel table base, please contact us so we can discuss your exact needs and help save you a substantial amount of time.